Meeting with OSCE ODIHR representatives


Vice President of Yezidi National Committe  Sashik Sultanyan and board  member of YNC Manvel Mamoyan today met with the representatives of OSCE OHIDR Svetlanna Chetaikina and Daniela Diaconu. During the meeting representatives of YNC talked about the features of new Electoral Code of Armenia. Vice president of Yezidi National Committee Sashik Sultanyan mentioned the importance of the presence of yezidi ...

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Hoşeng Broka derbarê ketina Hêyder Şeşo pêşmerge

hosheng broka

Helwesta min beramber tevlîbȗna Heyder Șeșo ȗ HPȆ bo pȇșmergeyan çi ye? Hoșeng Broka Helbet her kes dizane, ku ez û Heyder Șeșo di van du sal ȗ nîvȇn dawiyȇ de, piștî fermana 74an, li pirr welatan ȗ deran bo pirsa Ȇzîdiyan ȗ genosîda wan geriyane ȗ bi miletȇ Ȇzîdî re, çi li hundir çi jî li derve, gelek hevdîtin, ...

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Russian militiaries deprived yezidi vilages of drinking water


It has been a month since the habitamts of the only bordering village of Aragacotn province Tlik are deprived of drinking water. Tlik village, populated with yeidis, uses as a drinking water Axuryan’s wather, the river flowing between Armenia and Turkey. It doesn’t have drinking water as a result of pump malfunction. in order to solve the problem the dwellers ...

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Iraqi Parliament Member Risan Shaikh Dler Criticized Kurdish Authorities for Closing Down a Humanitarian Organization


Iraqi Parliament Member Risan Sheikh Dler has criticized Kurdish authorities for closing down a the Yezidi Humanitarian Organization “Yazda”. He has qualified the actions of Kurdish security forces as a violation of the rights of minorities living in Iraq and has required the immediate declaration of all the documents concerning the case. Kurd authorities are concerned that Yazda will contribute ...

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International Organization Investigates Yezidi Genocide in Northern Iraq

Discovered mass grave

On January 7 an international organization arrived to Northern Iraq to learn more about the genocide of Yezidis carried out by ISIS and to investigate the actual facts concerning the genocide. The secretary of “Slomo Organization for Documentation”  Nauzad Pauls has announced, that  they will visit the town Sinjar populated by Yezidies. Before investigated the genocide of Yezidis and other ...

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The ruined temples of Bashikubahzan


Two years ago Kurdish Peshmarga ”offered” Bashika and Bahzan (Bashikubahzan) village populated with 24-25 thousand people to IS terrorists. Knowing about the conspiracy beforehand people could leave the town. Before the kurds submitted Bashikubahzan the 70 % of the town’s population were yezidis, 20 % were christians, 10 % muslims etc. The picture shows  how yezidi militiary prays on the ...

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Hamam al Alil city, located 30 km on south from Mosul has been liberated on the 5 th of November


As recently  hraparal.am website reported, making reference to Ruptly TV agency’s YouTube chanal, a video was published by Iraqi armed forces about the attack on  Hamam al Alil city, located 30 km on south from Mosul. The territory has been liberated from IS militants yesterday on the 5 th of november. Hamam am Alil city’s liberation is a part of ...

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The Europian Union has decided to create an autonomy for yezidis, christians and turkmens after winning IS


Recently in Brussels the European Union with an overwhelming majority of votes decided to create an autonomy for yezidis, christiands and turkmens after winning IS. ” disapearing of these miniorities in the region will bring to instability” it was said in document. Representative countries must exert all measures in order to  ” provide security those people who left their homeland ...

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In Tel Afar city IS militants violently keep over 400 yezidi and shia turkmen women


In Tel Afar city IS militants violently keep over 400 yezidi and shia turkmen women. This has been announced by Hahla Hababy, the representative of turkmens in Iraqi parliament. According to him the captives are being subjected to serious danger as iraqi forces gradually press IS in this region. ”Before starting the attack with liberation aim antiterroristic forces ”Hashd Ash-Shahabi” ...

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It’s possible that yezidis’ consentration prisons could be find in the north of Mosul


it’s possible that In Tel Afar city located on the north of Mosul could be  yezidis consentration prisons. As Ezidimedia informs, making referance to basnews, in Kurdistan Regional Government’s parliament yezidis representative has announced that there is possibility of finding yezidis consentration prisons. This insisting is connected with the fact that after yezidis genocide in Sinjar in 2014 yezidis, who ...

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