Iraqi Parliament Member Risan Shaikh Dler Criticized Kurdish Authorities for Closing Down a Humanitarian Organization

Iraqi Parliament Member Risan Sheikh Dler has criticized Kurdish authorities for closing down a the Yezidi Humanitarian Organization “Yazda”. He has qualified the actions of Kurdish security forces as a violation of the rights of minorities living in Iraq and has required the immediate declaration of all the documents concerning the case.
Kurd authorities are concerned that Yazda will contribute to the formation of national identity of Yezidies. A special address towards Kurdish authorities was made by the spiritual leader of Yezidies Baveh Sheikh, who has particularly noted that Yazda plays an important role in protecting the rights of Yezidies in International platforms.
To remind, on January 2, 2017 the Iraqi security forces of Kurdistan had broken into the office of Yazda humanitarian organization in Dohok and forced to close the office. Because of this a number of humanitarian programs, such as humanitarian support to Yezidi women freed from captivity of ISIS, had been canceled.
A number of legal organizations and public figures had appealed to Kurdish authorities not to hinder the activities of Yazda


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