Russian militiaries deprived yezidi vilages of drinking water

It has been a month since the habitamts of the only bordering village of Aragacotn province Tlik are deprived of drinking water.
Tlik village, populated with yeidis, uses as a drinking water Axuryan’s wather, the river flowing between Armenia and Turkey. It doesn’t have drinking water as a result of pump malfunction.
in order to solve the problem the dwellers turned to the help of specialist but it has been more than a monthy since the russian frontiers are banning the specialist to enter the pumping station placed on Axuryan river, requiring entering patent, which is only being given to the village dwellers.
During the interview with Ezidimedia the village dwellers prove that in case of unresolved problem they are going to close the highway Armavir-Gyumri.


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