The Yazidis Relegion

Dear listeners, in this and following videos we will represent the origin of the Yazidi religion and all the questions connected with this belief. That’s why today we have invited Sheikh Hassan Hassanyan, spiritual leader of the Yazidis in Armenia so that he represents us the religion of the Yazidis.

  1. Mr. Hassanyan, first of all let’s speak when the religion of the Yazidis originated and which of the existing versions is close to reality.

As we already know the religion of the Yazidis is of the oldest ones. It originated thousands years ago and exists untill today. It was found out that our religion has a 12000-year history, afterwards the religions of Muslims (1400,) Christians (2000), Jews (5000) come. The origin of our religion comes from the depth of history. We had a lot of prophets, angels, archangels and we keep on worshipping them. Babylon has been our homeland, we are the descendants of Sumers who had Aryan origin but the information about us is falsified. Many European, Asian and local researchers had an interest in the religion of the Yazidis but I’m sure they have made inquiries among the nations who live with the Yazidis and hate them, so they couldn’t say anything positive about us. Especially when Islam was founded the Muslims assimilated different nations, including Yazidis, Armenians, Assyrians and even Arabs by force. The Yazidis who didn’t change their religion were recognized as Yazidis. It is said that the Yazidi religion is of syncretic nature, that’s to say it contains elements from Christinity, Islam and Buddhism. As you understood our religion is quite old. In that case how can it include ideas from other religions that were founded later? I can state that I’m familiar to the holy books, according to which the ideas of our belief exist in that religions, I mean they worship the same things as we. Our religion is very humanistic and contains knowledge and science. It teaches us to respect other religions and we state that every nation should keep its belief. No matter what religion you follow, the most important thing is to be devoted and believe from the bottom of your heart. As I already mentioned our religion does not disseminate hostility towards others and does not ignore other religions. There are a lot of prophets in our religion. As I mentioned some people allege that the Yazidi religion contains syncretism, and as if it’s a polytheistic religion, there are different gods like the god of fire, wind, seas, rain. But we have only one God and there can’t be the second one. Nothing was done to neutralize these words. Now when we are free to speak we are ready to reveal all the secrets of our religion, who we follow, what kind of prophets we worship. There are no any provisions that can make us be ashamed. We worship seven apostles of God, seven prophets, if I’m not mistaken all nations worship Azrael, Jibreel, Darda’il, Michael. Each nation gave them different names. We worship Sharfadin that is our belief, we worship Holy Yazidi who is our leader, our king. Our nations is named after him. We worship Melek Taus, the archangel of angels, that’s why the whole Muslim world hates us. Due to this we were slaughtered for 74 times. All the massacres left their traces. Untill today the Muslim world doesn’t accept us because after Muhammad the majority of the Yazidis were assimilated and the rest remained loyal to the religion of their ancestors. The attitude of those Yazidis who were converted to Islam (the majority of modern Kurds) and were recognized as Kurds was worse. ”If I have gone you also will come, we are relatives”, said the Yazidis who had become Muslims. We said; ”You have gone, we will not follow you, you have denied your nation, your religion, we will keep it”. In 2014 you witnessed the events in Sinjar where the 60% of that cannibals were Kurds, they were speaking Kurdish and told they would not harm the Kurds, but kill the Christians and Yazidis. They did so and keep on doing untill today. Our religion has very deep and wise notions about the creation of world, stars, seas and rivers, oceans, 9 planets. It helped us to recover from massacres and survive. It contains elements starting from medicine to astrology. Our duty is to follow this religion and keep it alive.

2.Please represent the caste division of the Yazidis for our listeners.

 The Yazidis are divided into 3 castes. 2 are the castes of priests and the third  is a secular one; sheikhs, pires and mrides. According to our religion the marriage between these castes is forbidden, sheikh must marry a sheikh, pire must marry a pire and mride must marry a mride. A strict ban is put on the marriage with foreigners. Why ? Because the Yazidis were always been subjected to the massacres by the muslims surrounding them, as the Yazidis hadn’t protector, they were a nation without leader, king and state. This ban was put on in order to keep the nation, as we say that we are Aryan people so we need to maintain the clearness of our nation. In order to stay far from the perversion of the castes, the prohibition was put on, that people can  marry only a representative of its caste. If this prohibition would not be put on,  I am sure that none of the Yazidi people would exist. That marriageable bonds have kept the Yazidi, and I’m sure that this will pass to our generations and they will continue the way of our grandfathers. Otherwise the nation will be in danger. The son must seek to be more clever than his father, because in this case his family can keep going forward, otherwise it will go back. So the son must seek to know more than his father, to study his religion, national customs and traditions deeper, as well as the customs and traditions of neighbor nations, in order to recognize the kind of humanity. Living with Armenians we must know the customs, holidays, rituals of them, from where they originated, what is their religion, what kind of prophets they have, when their saint holidays are, we must know about Saint Ejmiatsin, etc. Without knowing these we cant be friends with Armenians. Recognizing the customs of any nation you can like them or not and decide to create friendship with them, then making a brotherhood from that friendship.

  1. What are the main figures of the Yazidi religion, please represent the religious hierarchy of the Yazidi.

 Every nation ha its religion. God have created all the nations, including Yazidis. God is one. Everyone calls him on its own word; we call him Khuade, Armenians call him Astvac, Russians call him Bog, but all we say that God is one. There aren’t two Gods. It is said in our religion that the decisions and thoughts of God pass to 7 prophets by Tause Malak. 7 prophets implement the decisions and will of God. After God we worship Tause Malak, who was a peacock once upon a time. It is often called as peacock, but we call him Mrishka Djnate or Tayre Tause, Russians call him павлина райская птица. But all these are the same, which means that it was a bird of paradise. And when Tause Malak emerged in appearance of that figure we started to worship that bird in honor of him. The second figure is the founder of our religion Sheikh Adi. After him Saint Yazid follows. For example Armenians say Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, which in our religion are Tause Malak, Sheikh Adi and Saint Yazid. Saint Yazid is the leader and king of our spiritual, secular and hereafter life, after whom we are called Yazidis. Many nations confused Yazidi with another one, who killed the grandchildren of Muhammad prophet, and  the Muslims hate us for that reason. While Saint Yazidi is a prophet and he didn’t land on Earth. So we can say that Tause Malak, Saint Yazidi and Sheikh Adi make the Holy Trinity of our religion. Sharfadin is our belief. Every person birthed from a Yazidi mother is considered to be a follower of Sharfadin.

  1. As we know during recently executed genocide of the Yazidi in Iraq the terrorists of Mosul, who considered themselves ISIS members said that they are inveterate Islamists and massacred the Yazidi people calling them faithless and connecting it with the Yazidi figure Tause Malak. How can you comment on this?

 As I mentioned the Muslim world didn’t and doesn’t love us, as we are the people of Tause Malak. I don’t really know Tause Malak emerged in appearance of peacock or something other, let God forgive me for it. In fact, hearing the name of Tause Malak they hate us, they have only one prophet, Muhammad prophet. They haven’t other prophets, angels, beliefs. They have only Muhammad prophet. Muhammad was a human previously, he worked as a stepherd with his uncle, then he was a merchant, after all he became a prophet of them. They generally don’t like nations who have older religions, many prophets and angels. What’s about Tause Malak, there isn’t any source, that Tause Malak massacred them or made them hurt. We have never read something like this.

  1. Very often Muslims pose this conjecture; when God created a human in the paradise he ordered all the angels to bow in front of him. All the angels bowed besides Tause Malak. When the God asked him why he didn’t bow, he answered that he was made of the light of the God, how he can bow in front of the creature made from soil. And the Muslims pose this saying that it is disobedience against the will of the God. What can you say about it? 

When Adam and Yeva were created by God  in the Paradise, they must give continuation to humanity. Who could remove them from the Paradise? I had the same conversation with Muslims about this story, that Tause Malak was jealous of Adam and Yeva for being loved much more by God, that’s why he removed them from the Paradise. If he could remove the favorites of God without his will this means that he is more than God. They said how that could happen? I answered that otherwise it was the will of God.  Now you (Muslims) can choose what is more profitable for you; whether he is more than God, or he did it for the  will of God. They silenced and said nothing. Those are all defamations. People not familiar with the religion can say what they want. Only their Prince Yazid, son of Moavia, who was their leader, growing up encountered his father and others saying that their religion is wrong, they must follow the religion that was given by God really. The son of Moavia liked our religion and made their malla  rend their Ghuran in his own hands. When we ask them where that Ghuran went, they answer it went to house of God. For what? Or where was the house of God?  And currently the Muslims say that all those did Saint Yazid. But Saint Yazid was a prophet and he didn’t land on Earth, it was the son of Moavia, Yazid. They confuse them. But they have started to believe in this and treat well the Yazidi during recent 2 years. This confusion is the reason of that treatment to people of Tause Malak. That’s why they considered us enemies and that enmity continues till now. You saw what they did in Sinjar, they said whether you would be converted or you would die. But traditional and pedigreed Yazidis called “ Hole hole Tause Meleke” ( glory of Tause Malak) and died. Many girls  suffocated themselves with their hair. Some cut their veins, some were dropped  to the waters, some threw themselves from the rock in order not to fall to hands of Muslims. Tens of thousands children learned Ghuran violently, they made them vow to Ghuran, attached bombs to them and sent among Yazidis to explode as suicide bombers. They did so for centuries. Our girls, our wifes… Yes, our ancestors said about Genocide. But as we hadn’t seen it, we thought that it was a fight between 2 parties, and both had loss. But when we saw the recent Genocide, we understood that it was an anthropophagy, not Genocide. They cook the meat of child and made mother  eat it. They did everything, but all the world stayed silent. When some journalists made a cartoon of Mohammad in Paris, many French were killed by muslims for that. All the world expressed its sympathy to French. Tens of thousands Yazidi people were captured, I don’t speak about murdered people. They captured them and did something not heard in 21st century, they sell them in the markets as it was done during the century of stone.  And all the world was silent. If the USA, Russia or other dominant state supported the Yazidi, maybe they also could have opportunity to make come true their goals. Currently the  Yazidi people expanded to Europe, Russia escaping from the massacres. There aren’t any country in the Europe or town in Russia  where a Yazidi doesn’t exist. They think they are saved, but this is more dangerous than Genocide, as they easily could be assimilated. Their children aren’t called by their names, they forget their language, the traditions and customs, religious and secular holidays of their fathers.

Translated  by  Aida  Grigoryan , Mijerita  Khachartyan  and  Anna  Arzumanyan

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